All the PVC strip and plate materials have a visible transparency quality. Being a matter of safety, the almost complete absence of vision loss gives these PVCs a distinct advantage. In addition to being transparent, all PVC strip and plate materials contain fire-resistant components and have rounded edges.

They are very practical to assemble. Despite of stable curtains, they are easy to open-close while pulling to sides with accordion system. Different kinds of thickness, size and overlap options will be applied accordingly size and strong air current of the place.

Technical Features of Strip Curtains:

The product contains an ultraviolet blocker that will provide resistance to turn pale and cracking under the sunlight. By adding a flame retardant substance to its compound, its combustion is prevented. It’s not blocking the sunlight and is suitable for limitless passage of staff and vehicles. Therefore, it can be used both inside and outside of the building, as it offers excellent properties according to weather conditions.