Gear motor and brake system are specially developed for very intensive use. It also provides sensitivity at door end points with encoder or mechanical switch options.

The wind profile system has been designed to keep the wind strength at the maximum level with one-piece or modular PVC applications on the doors. It has a safety system infrared sensor against accident.

Because door opening-closing movement will occur automatically with the optional metal mass detector, the transport process can be reached to an optimal level in areas with heavy forklift traffic.

High-speed PVC Doors are functional door systems that offer solutions in fields where labour traffic is intense. PVC doors, which are made of durable material with fabric texture, provide heat, dust and wind isolation, energy and time saving. They offer effective solutions in indoor and outdoor areas with safety measures.

The PVC door motor works very quietly. Considering their maintenance and cleaning, the PVC fold-up doors which are also easy to design in the required colour and pattern, they are very advantageous.

Technical Features of PVC High Speed Fold-Up Door

Depending on the size of the PVC fold-up door, they are resistant to wind load up to 80 km/h.

The opening speeds of PVC fold-up Door are 0.75mt/sec in the standard system.

The opening speeds of PVC fold-up Door can be optionally increased up to 1.2mt/sec due to special hardware and software.

The dimensions for PVC fold-up door can be designed in required sizes.

PVC fold-up doors are produced up to a maximum width of 600 cm and height of 600 cm. You can also visit our hangar doors page for different solutions for larger sizes.